Four, for the Small Ones

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Jill is our excellent, knowledgable Children’s buyer at Literati, and whenever I have a chance I love browsing the kids’ section upstairs with an Espresso Bar latte in hand and taking a closer look at how Jill is stocking our shelves. These four caught my eye recently, and I brought them home to read to my dog.  Read More

We <3 826


  • Our friends at 826michigan are, as usual, doing some wonderful things for the community. We were delighted to see this recently-launched video featuring many of our favorite robots.  Read More

Meet a Bookseller: Kati

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Meet our newest bookseller, the excellent Kati!
1.) What do you do at Literati? 

Mostly I sell books, which is great! I really enjoy doing special orders– it’s always interesting to learn about some of the more esoteric pieces people come in asking about, plus customers are so thrilled when we can track down a title they haven’t been able to find anywhere else. I’m also the office manager, so in my off the floor time I get to help keep all the little behind the scenes pieces moving, like making sure we don’t run out of receipt paper. I also get to try and figure out the most effective use of space for our storage and office areas, which is always a fun adventure in a store this small and this crammed with books. Read More

This week’s fresh picks

There’s a Springtime feeling in the air with mysterious bird calls and uncanny early February shrubberies, ye aulde groundhogge predicts an auspicious season, and–phew–Mercury in Retrograde is over. Don’t you feel a bit more clear-brained and eager to refresh your mind and heart with some bright words? Read More