Hours & Contact Info


Monday – Thurs: 10-9.

Friday & Saturday: 10-10.

Sunday: 10-7.






124 East Washington Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48104


3 thoughts on “Hours & Contact Info

  1. Debbie Haller

    **One of the best events I attend is the panel of publisher reps who present a few of the newest books coming out from their publishing companies. Dn’t know what it takes to get that together but it is a wonderful event to present. McLean & eakin does it in Petoskey and they are a small independent, you could always start there.

    Congratulations, I have already visited the store and will be a regular. You have absolutely the greatest location and what a beautiful store you have created. I thought I’d drop in the first time for a few minutes, which turned into an hour with my husband and me together.

  2. Deb Mukherjee

    I read YOUR story in Poets and Writers Magazine this morning! What an amazing story. It brought tears of joy. Go! Go! Go! I am an Ann Arbor resident and a bibliophile. I have visited your bookstore several times, but did not know the back story, which I do now. Thanks to you both!

  3. karen benke

    Happy–almost–New Year and congratulations on what sounds like a gem of a book store.
    I can’t wait to visit Ann Arbor (I’m a writer from the Bay Area) to check out your poetry and children’s sections. Your story as written by Jeremiah Chamberlin is heart-warming. May you bask in all your hard-earned efforts. Thank you for creating such an inviting space for deserving books to live. Would love to see my books on your shelves one day too!

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