Hours & Contact Info


Monday – Thurs: 10-9.

Friday & Saturday: 10-10.

Sunday: 10-7.






124 East Washington Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48104


4 thoughts on “Hours & Contact Info

  1. Debbie Haller

    **One of the best events I attend is the panel of publisher reps who present a few of the newest books coming out from their publishing companies. Dn’t know what it takes to get that together but it is a wonderful event to present. McLean & eakin does it in Petoskey and they are a small independent, you could always start there.

    Congratulations, I have already visited the store and will be a regular. You have absolutely the greatest location and what a beautiful store you have created. I thought I’d drop in the first time for a few minutes, which turned into an hour with my husband and me together.

  2. Deb Mukherjee

    I read YOUR story in Poets and Writers Magazine this morning! What an amazing story. It brought tears of joy. Go! Go! Go! I am an Ann Arbor resident and a bibliophile. I have visited your bookstore several times, but did not know the back story, which I do now. Thanks to you both!

  3. karen benke

    Happy–almost–New Year and congratulations on what sounds like a gem of a book store.
    I can’t wait to visit Ann Arbor (I’m a writer from the Bay Area) to check out your poetry and children’s sections. Your story as written by Jeremiah Chamberlin is heart-warming. May you bask in all your hard-earned efforts. Thank you for creating such an inviting space for deserving books to live. Would love to see my books on your shelves one day too!

  4. Jeffrey Lane Gustafson

    I’ve seen at least one mention of Literati in the Ann Arbor Observer for the last several (many?) months. What a wonderful thing you are doing for Ann Arbor. Obviously being noticed.

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