Thanks! And Your Cornucopia of Books Overfloweth this Holiday Weekend!

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We’re grateful to our wonderful bookshop family: our customers, our neighbors, our friends, and all of the beautiful books we’ve read this year and plan to read in the next year. We hope you have a peaceful, joyous, delicious holiday. And that you’re able to take a moment to spend with a good book.  Continue reading “Thanks! And Your Cornucopia of Books Overfloweth this Holiday Weekend!”

2015 National Book Awards, Fictional Costumes, and Upcoming Jubilees

Photo Credit: NY Magazine. Clockwise from top left: Alexandra Kleeman as Bram Stoker’s Mina, Naomi Jackson as Annie John, Emily St. John Mandel as James Bond, Hanya Yanigahara as Tom Ripley, Angela Flournoy as Sula Peace.

Happy National Book Awards! Everyone looked great on the “red carpet,” but it’s also important at this juncture to pause and appreciate  the ways that some of our favorite writers–and a couple of NBA finalists–re-imagined fictional characters in this New York Magazine spread. Quite a few of us on staff were rooting for Hanya Yanigahara’s A Little Life and Angela Flournoy’s The Turner House to take first place in the fiction category. Adam Johnson took the prize with his collection of short stories, Fortune Smiles, another staff pick.  Continue reading “2015 National Book Awards, Fictional Costumes, and Upcoming Jubilees”

Meet a Bookseller: Carla

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Meet our Dynamo, the Incredible Carla!

1.) What do you do at Literati?

I am a part-time bookseller. Before I retired, I used to work in a book industry job that allowed me to “play bookstore” during the holidays. I like that we are all generalists at Literati, shelving, helping customers find books, taking out the recycling, and working the cash register. I like it most when we are very busy, with a lot of out of town people coming in, and I can talk to them about where they’re from. I also like seeing all of our regular customers, and people that I maybe haven’t seen in years drop in. And the lattes from Espresso Bar! Continue reading “Meet a Bookseller: Carla”

Meet a Chef: Jules Botham

Photo Credit: Fred Lelcaj
Photo Credit: Fred Lelcaj

In our second installment of Meet a Chef, we are pleased to introduce you to local kitchen master Jules Botham. Jules can be depended upon to bring a smile into our bookstore, and to gush to our staff all about the latest issue of Lucky Peach or a beautiful new cookbook we’ve all been eyeing but a little intimidated to pick up. We take note when Jules tells us what’s new in her kitchen. Up until very recently Jules was the Head Chef at Aventura, and we are big fans of her tapas (that octopus, though!) and the delicate dance of saffron, manchego, and chorizo she’s choregraphed there. Jules just began a new job within the same local company (Product Management Chef at SavCo), so I was honored that she took the time to tell our readers about some of her favorite cookbooks, the chefs she admires, and her vocation, which, she describes as “the reciprocity of a chef and a diner, it’s really a beautifully poetic relationship of trading memories and emotions with food.” Meet Jules!

Continue reading “Meet a Chef: Jules Botham”