Meet a Bookseller: Kati

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Meet our newest bookseller, the excellent Kati!
1.) What do you do at Literati? 

Mostly I sell books, which is great! I really enjoy doing special orders– it’s always interesting to learn about some of the more esoteric pieces people come in asking about, plus customers are so thrilled when we can track down a title they haven’t been able to find anywhere else. I’m also the office manager, so in my off the floor time I get to help keep all the little behind the scenes pieces moving, like making sure we don’t run out of receipt paper. I also get to try and figure out the most effective use of space for our storage and office areas, which is always a fun adventure in a store this small and this crammed with books.

2.) What do you do when you’re not at the bookstore? 
I’m also the office manager for 826michigan, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center that serves students ages 6-18 in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit and is conveniently based out of the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair, right around the corner from Literati. It’s a great combination– I get to spend three days a week talking to brilliant and enthusiastic young people about their writing and three days a week talking to brilliant and enthusiastic grown ups about their reading. Plus Mike and Hilary have been big supporters of 826 pretty much as long as they’ve been in business, so it’s more than a little heartwarming to get to work both places. That said, if any other small businesses on the block are looking for an office manager, I’m open to offers. My plan for world domination centers around the Washington-Liberty corridor.
3.) Top five favorite books. 
I’m notoriously bad at remembering what I read, but a few that I’ve read in the last 6ish months that have stuck with me are Alif the UnseenLandlineLumberjanes, and A Tale for the Time Being. Then there’s The Mayor of Castro Street, which is possibly my all-time favorite book, a pronouncement I’m sure I’ll regret making five minutes from now.
4.) What are you currently reading?
I just started Laura Secor’s Children of Paradise and I’m loving it so far. She spent a lot of time reporting from Iran before writing the book and that experience really shows– she does a fantastic job placing individual stories in the context of the larger political and religious movements that went into the Revolution. So much American reporting glosses over Iran as some Monolith of Evil and there’s none of that here.
I’m also slowing working my way through Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission, but I’d hesitate to recommend that to anyone who doesn’t work with nonprofit tech. If that does happen to be your jam and especially if, like me, you got into it knowing very little about IT, it’s great!

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