Typewriter Manifestos

photo 1 (35)

This Friday, January 15th, at 7pm, we host a celebration of the typewritten word. Author Richard Polt will visit to read from his book The Typewriter Revolution. He’ll be joined by our great friends from Harlequin Creature, who type, with the help of volunteers, each and every one of their beautiful issues of poetry and prose on a flock of typewriters, a flock that sometimes appears in Ann Arbor, or New York, or even Prague.

photo 5 (9)

As seen in Polt’s book, the editors of Harlequin Creature want to give their readers a unique reading experience. They may tuck a record, an old postcard, a piece of original art, or a taped recording of a conversation into their journal, for you to take home and enjoy.

photo 3 (25)

Here’s a portion of Harlequin Creature’s manifesto, printed here in Polt’s book. We echo many of these sentiments, as a bookstore that values the work of writers, and that also has a flock of treasured typewriters. You’ve seen co-owner Mike’s special display collection, and the giant typewriter keys that comprise the letters of our storefront sign, the little typewriter logo on just about all of our store merchandise, and we hope that you’ve written your own manifestos on the working typewriter in our nonfiction section.

photo 4 (17)

We hereby vow to place our words on paper, embrace all, and not to sell the written word for a pittance, nor art to the highest bidder.

photo 2 (35)

We’ve painted some of your typewriter manifestos on the side of our bookstore building. Here’s one of our favorites, pictured with a customer and our community typewriter. Compelled by a dream, she went and put it on her arm.



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