Meet a Bookseller: Sharon

FullSizeRender (2)Please acquaint yourself with the one, the only: Sharon!
(Here she is on Independent Bookstore Day, with Anne Frank, a book that changed her life.)

1.)What do you do at Literati?
General all-purpose bookseller with some inventory-related tasks thrown in for variety.  I’ve always loved the internal symphony of bookstores…the hum of questions and discussions, the aahs of discovery, the sighs of disappointment, the feel and movement of books.  Being in the midst of it, being able to be a part of it makes me quite content. In what now seems like another life I was a high school counselor but dreamed of working in a bookstore all the while.  Previous to working at Literati I worked at Borders for many years. Twice over the years I left the bookstore to work at the corporate office but missed the books and interaction with customers  so I returned to the store.  I am a bookseller-lifer.
2.)What do you do when you’re not at the bookstore?
For the past few years I’ve been learning and practicing Tai Chi. It’s been a revelation.   I enjoy walking, a little birding, occasional knitting and  lots of movies. I also volunteer throughout the year for the Kerrytown BookFest.
3.) Top five favorite books.
Books from the past year that have stayed in my thoughts are varied.  I was stunned by Bryan Stevenson’s non-fiction Just Mercy.  Southern Cross the Dog, a debut novel by Bill Cheng,  took me far away with its language and story. Arsenal of Democracy by A.J. Baime took me by surprise. I opened it on a whim and was completely taken in by the well written back-story of the Willow Run bomber plant. And to the list I want to add a novel recommended by a customer that I am reading right now, Medicine Walk by Canadian author Richard Wagamese. Absolutely beautiful language that is sparse and yet rich with imagery.
4.) What are you currently reading?
Just finished a psychological thriller Disclaimer by British author Renee Knight.  Not usually my cup of tea but this one hooked me. If you love psychological suspense this one has already appeared on a few “Best Books of the Year” lists.

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