Bookstore Visits: Green Apple in San Francisco

photo (23)

All of us at Literati have admired Green Apple Books for a long time, and whenever I’m back in San Francisco visiting family, I stop in to say hi and browse–either at the original location on Clement Street, or at the newer location, Books on the Park, on 9th and Irving, just half a block from Golden Gate Park. 

It’s such a beautiful mix of simpático good vibes and the fresh zest of discovery to visit another independent bookstore, to ask staff about their favorite reads of the year, to check out upcoming events, to see how other bookstores do things differently than we do.

For example, Chris, one of the delightful booksellers at Green Apple Books on the Park, adorns his shelftalkers with these wonderful drawings:

About a year ago, this great essay by Green Apple bookseller Pete Mulvihill made the rounds in the bookselling community. Independent bookstores are not simply surviving, we are thriving, Mulvihill writes: “indie bookstores offer community, discovery, and beauty; readers feel good about keeping their hard-earned money recirculating in their local communities; and many people value the ‘third place’ enough to put their money where their mouths are.” At Literati we are lucky enough to see these things happening every single day in our store. What a beautiful thing to be a part of, and we’re happy to be in the game with Green Apple.

Our brethren, we salute you!




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