Give the Babies What They Want!

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Because babies got needs! And those needs might very well be satiated, temporarily, at least, by literary-themed onesies, a few good books to hunker down with on a snowy day, and something decently adorable in which to belch, adorably.

As part of a collaboration with our fantastic neighbor Diana Marsh and her store Thistle & Bess, Literati is now carrying Baby Gift Baskets.
We’ve got three different  models on display in our kids’ section.
We’re calling the first model the “Lil’ Literati n’ Bess Basket” (but you can call it “cute,” or really, whatever you want. This basket includes a literary onesie designed by our buddies at Out of Print, a  board book, a set of two handsome burp cloths, and a card made by a local artist.
photo 4 (9)
Our next line of baskets we have dubbed “VIP BB,” and contain a onesie, board book, set of two burp cloths, a local card, and a cuddly little stuffed animal with a delicate herbal aroma. This one’s a zebra.
photo 3 (16)
The following treasures comprise our “Rolls-Royce of Baby Baskets,” if you will: a literary onesie, board book, a very handy baby or pregnancy journal, a stuffed animal, a set of two burp cloths, a cozy bamboo blanket from local artist Sarah Immerfall, and a beautiful card by a local artist.
photo 2 (23)
Three of these baskets, one of each model, are also on display at Thistle & Bess, and Diana and I will continue to build these baskets as the babies demand.
(And did you know that Literati is now carrying our famous t-shirts in an attractive onesie style?)
photo 5
We are happy to customize your basket. Say you love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but you see only The Little Prince on display? We can build you what you need with what we carry (but we will need you to work patiently with our timeframes as we assemble and order as necessary). Perhaps you know a Goth Baby, who prefers the color of night, weeps inconsolably, and might enjoy gumming a vampire novel? Might we suggest the black Literati onesie with a board book adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?
Or say the mighty baby who you hold in the highest esteem exceeds the physical bounds of a puny six month old’s onesie? We can build these baskets with onesies for babies of all sizes–from six to 24 months.

We think these would make an excellent present for a baby shower, a first birthday, or for the holidays.

But even if you don’t happen to know a new or expecting parent or family, we think these baskets would also make beautiful gifts for new or expecting parents who might not have the resources to pick one up on their own. We hope you will consider giving one of these baskets to a family in need this holiday season.

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