Meet a Bookseller: Carla

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Meet our Dynamo, the Incredible Carla!

1.) What do you do at Literati?

I am a part-time bookseller. Before I retired, I used to work in a book industry job that allowed me to “play bookstore” during the holidays. I like that we are all generalists at Literati, shelving, helping customers find books, taking out the recycling, and working the cash register. I like it most when we are very busy, with a lot of out of town people coming in, and I can talk to them about where they’re from. I also like seeing all of our regular customers, and people that I maybe haven’t seen in years drop in. And the lattes from Espresso Bar!

2.) What do you do when you’re not at the bookstore?
I am an almost right from the start Ann Arborite.  To live in a small (almost) affordable city with good restaurants, cultural opportunities, public transportation, walkability, and green spaces, is living the dream.  The winters are the price we pay for Michigan’s natural beauty. Perennial gardening and road trips with my Honey are my favorite splurges. I also like to walk my papihuahua (papillon+chihuahua) dog in my neighborhood, try new restaurants and recipes, and read everything put in front of me.
3.) Top five favorite books?
I rarely reread a book anymore. The books that I read in the last 3 years that left the biggest impression were:  The Power Broker, Happy City, Walt Disney (a biography by Neal Gabler), The Removers, and We Made a Garden.
4.) What are you currently reading?
The books that I usually gravitate to : gardening with a point of view; travel and food-writing that are accessible to me, i.e. I could afford to go there, or have the budget and skills to make that dish; memoirs by women; mysteries with a sense of place and most of the violence offstage; psychology; and since I’ve been at Literati–more recent realistic fiction as long- as it has some humor.

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