Notorious B.O.O.K.S. (all the laydowns in the place with style and grace)

photo 2 (21)

Uh, uh, uh, c’mon
Hah, sicker than your average Laydown…

This week’s laydowns are all biggies, biggies, biggies, can’t you see?

We’ve got Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik’s fitting salute to the singular Supreme Ruth Bader Ginsburg,* a stack of Signed First Editions of Simon Winchester’s Pacific, all about that glorious sea, that Barbary Coast, those Western Metropoli and their Hypnotize-ing properties, and The Givenness of Things, a Mighty Tome Of Wise Essays from the Majestic Marilynne Robinson. We just love her funky ways. That’s why we’re broke and she’s so paid.

And here are a few great reviews and articles of The Notorious RBG, Pacific, and The Givenness of Things.  And, uh, have you noticed Marilynne Robinson deep in conversation with President Obama on the cover of the New York Review of Books this week?

photo 3 (15)And how about that David Mitchell? His new novel, Slade House, is here, and bookseller Kelsey has fallen in love with its “fascinating characters” and “glimmering threads.” Spooky alleys and haunted houses from this master of the form, just in time for Halloween. Read NPR’s glowing review hereDavid Mitchell comes to Ann Arbor next weekend, and Literati is so proud to host his reading at the First United Methodist Church in Ann Arbor. Do you have your tickets? We advise playing this one close, honey, as butter plays toast.

Earned a fifteen dollar store credit lately as part of our Rewards Program? Come visit us this chilly weekend and pick up the treat you are due. We give the ends to our friends (you, wonderful customers), and it feels stupendous. Believe me, sweetie, we got enough (books) to feed (the minds of) the read-y.

photo 1 (22)*Alisa Bobzian, local artist extraordinaire, and the brilliant pen behind some of our favorite Literati greeting cards, has her work featured in The Notorious RBG book, as seen above. The ruling is in. Supreme. And if you don’t know, now you know.

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