Fresh this Weekend, Like a Bag of Donuts from the Cider Mill Enjoyed Beside the River, but Without the Bees

photo (18)

A few new books blew into our store this week: Robert Reich’s latest, The Heart Goes Last from the ever-prolific Margaret Atwood, and an irresistible trocito (and opportunity to join Patti Smith in a chorus of “Hail César!”) from the brilliant César Aira. Dang, New Directions, never stop giving us the finest book covers in the land. Too dang fine.

Finished the Neopolitan quartet and casting your eyes around in despair, cursing the Solara brothers and ravenous for more Ferrante? Already read her stand-alone novels Days of Abandonment and The Lost Daughter? Troubling Love is new to us (Jeanne, wizard that she is, ordered a bunch for the store after a great customer made a special order for the book) and we’re all so, so grateful.

Lucky you, we still have some signed copies of Claire Vaye Watkins’s beautiful novel Gold Fame Citrus  (we were so honored to host her launch on Wednesday evening). Check out Kirkus’s serious praise. 

And if you’re super-lucky, and local, you might still have a chance to snap up one of our super-limited supply of Paper Towns, signed by John Green himself. (That’s not a laydown, but a special treat for our in-store customers).

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