Gourd Season Reading

photo 1 (17)

The blood moon has entertained us, the leaves begun their burnishing, and ahoy there, is that sweatered hunk strolling the windy boulevard Autumn Man? (Or local author and sweetie of the bookstore Chris McCormick?) How’s your gourd? Are you filling it with knowledge? Or simply soups and gourd-flavored lattes? Is Midterm ennui upon you? Do your fingers itch to knit a sweater in three hues of goldenrod, but find themselves hopelessly tangled? We got you. Do you wish to make jam, but fear poisoning all dear to you with botulism? We got you. 

photo 3 (12)

Do you arrive at your windowless office at the English Department with the intention of writing a brilliant lesson plan, but take a nap under your desk instead? (Speaking of George Costanza…Gentle Reader: don’t even think about pulling this one in our store, please.) We got you. 
photo 2 (17)

Here in our sacred hearth bookstore, are a few consoling ideas to be found in books. Lynda Barry wants you to draw a picture. Vladimir Nabokov would have you throw a wild faculty party, with Pnin’s very special punch. John Williams, Adjunct Life O.G., might suggest you follow your dreams. Megan Levad, fire-hearted goddess of verse, might nudge you in pursuit of your most curious questions about how this darn world works. Julie Schumacher says, just get a stock letter of recommendation word doc. and update it as needed. Charles Baxter says, find some loving in the Big House.

photo 1 (18)Don that plaid Pendleton, and we’ll help you find a book to make Autumnal beer, to craft an elegant written argument, to accompany you with beauty and insight on your walks in the woods.

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