Come find us at the Kerrytown Bookfest!

kerrytown book festBooklovers of the Middle West! What are you up this Sunday, September 13th? The day’s certain to be temperate and  blue-skied, and the books will be out in force. 

Literati’s proud to be a part of the Kerrytown Book Festival again this year. Libreros John and Gina will be tabling alongside 826 Michigan, Nicola’s Books, Aunt Agatha’s, Vault of Midnight, the University of Michigan’s Zell Writers’ Program, and so many more great book people and organizations we are proud to call our neighbors.

kerrytownbf2The theme of this year’s book festival is “Celebrating Old Friends,” and so many wonderful friends are here to celebrate! There will be a talk about comics by superhero bookstore customer and superpoet Ray McDaniel, and a poetry slam put on by Detroit’s Source Booksellers. The enviably brilliant Angela Flournoy, Vu Tran, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Laura KasichkeMary Doria Russell, and Doug Trevor are just a few of the fabulous writers who will be giving talks on writing, signing books, dazzling, and inspiring.

Because Kerrytown Book Festival rightly celebrates all of book culture–including the art of book craftsmanship–this year’s schedule is full of experts demonstrating cartonnage, old-fashioned printing presses, and some book-binding workshops. Check out the events schedule here. 

Come on over! Free and open to the public. Kerrytown Bookfest will be Sunday, September 13, 2015, 10:30am – 5pm at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market.

photo (13)


If you are exceptionally skilled, we suggest you construct an ersatz cake or trompe l’oeil pillar of hot-dogs, bookish in nature, waxen in texture, and utterly confounding to all who behold it, and enter it into the Edible Book Contest. Perhaps, if you try your best, you will win a prize.

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