Let’s Get Fresh: This Week’s Laydowns!

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Fresh picks, a few days ahead of schedule this week, because, hey, it’s a long Labor Day weekend, and we are just incredibly excited because it’s…. FERRANTE DAY! Book 4, the final installment of the Neapolitan Series is here! THE STORY OF A LOST CHILD! (Are you ready 4 this jelly? I should hope so!)

And the incredible Valeria Luiselli, for whom we swoon a thousand times, dazzles us again with The Story of My Teeth.

Here’s the deal: Following a commission by the Jumex Gallery (yes, an art gallery adjacent to the enormous Mexico City juice factory), Luiselli wrote the novel in collaboration with Jumex factory employees. So, we have “Highway,” a notorious auctioneer and purveyor of celebrity teeth, Cervantes, Borges, clowns, fortune cookies, and even contemporary Latin American writers like Guadalupe Nettel and Francisco Goldman. Wild concepts aside, Luiselli’s sentences are as lyrical and lovely as in her fantastic novel Faces in the Crowd.

We’re also jazzed to present a new English translation of beloved Catalán writer Mercé Rodoreda’s haunting novel Death in Spring.

photo 5 (1)And you may have heard some great things about Ottessa Moshfegh, whose weird and wonderful novel Eileen was recently excerpted in Harper’s, and who is receiving some excellent reviews.

photo 4 (4)And then there’s some guy named Jonathan Franzen, whose new novel Purity is supposed to be a big deal.

And. Freshly signed copies of Mother Football’s newest holy book, Endzone, inscribed by the man himself, John U. Bacon.

photo 3 (7)

All out today. All for you. Come and get it!

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