John U. Bacon, Big Boys, and Footballs

photo (11)

What you really need to know is that John U. Bacon, renowned sports writer, has decided to release his latest book, Endzone, on Michigan football, early. Originally due out September 1st, we have copies of the big maize and blue tome on our shelves now.

And, while you’re at it, you might plan to make your way to Rackham Auditorium tomorrow at 7pm for an evening of football talk with John U. Bacon. The Literati events team will be on-hand to sell signed copies of the book after the presentation, and the event is free and open to the public.

Not knowing much about sportsballs, I asked our visionary Events Coordinator, my friend John, to teach me the true meaning of football.  In honor of what he termed the “season of Mother Football,” Johnny directed me to the poetry of one emerging writer, Jim Harbaugh.


by Jim Harbaugh

You want to be

at that big boy–

big person’s table.

There’s another table

over there in the kitchen

for those people

not seated

at the big person’s table.

If someone wants

to go over there

no one’s going

to be upset

if they do.

But this is what

we signed up for

this is what they signed up for.

Not the most exquisite enjambment, but whoever this guy is, I think he’s going places. And I hear he wears khakis and speaks often of his experience in the womb, which are both excellent qualities for a poet to have.

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