New in the Shop this Weekend! (August 21st)

photo 4 (1)This week, we’re super excited about the new Thomas Piketty (and it’s far trimmer than Capital), a story collection from Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Johnson (we still have some signed copies), Alaa Al Aswany’s Automobile Club of Egypt, I Was a Revolutionary by emerging writer Andrew Malan Milward (check that sublime cover), Mindware, because we all want to think smarter, and Language of Flowers author Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s latest 3 (4)

And on the paperback table, we couldn’t wait to laydown with (Ha, get it? So sorry, won’t happen again) Laila Lalami’s The Moor’s Account (a historical re-imagining of the Spanish conquest of Florida for the point of view of Estabanico, a Moroccan slave on the journey) and Thunderstruck, a collection from one of our favorite fiction writers and teachers, Elizabeth McCracken.

Here are a few hot little reviews and articles for you to peruse, at your leisure:

The Economics of Inequality, Harvard, University Press

Fortune Smiles, NPR

Automobile Club of Egypt, Christian Science Monitor

I Was a Revolutionary, The Millions

Mindware, Publisher’s Weekly

We Never Asked for Wings, Kirkus

The Moor’s Account, NYTimes Book Review

Thunderstruck, Guardian


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