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Clarice Lispector’s glorious omnibus is out from our heroes at New Directions, and we are celebrating. Happy Day, O Great Topaz.

If you don’t know Clarice, you gotta know Clarice, and here’s why:

1.) She’ll reconfigure the glittering atoms of your mind with the “nervous ghost” of her genius. Elizabeth Bishop called Lispector “better than Borges;” Edmund White said she “is an emblematic twentieth-century artist who belongs in the same pantheon as Kafka and Joyce.” “Nervous ghost” is the phrase of Benjamin Moser, her biographer, translator, literary advocate, and in this volume, the writer of her introduction.

2.) She ain’t afraid of glamour, exquisite passions, nor the wild heart.

3.) Chickens:

Ex. 1: “Standing in the bathroom she was an anonymous as a chicken”–“In Search of Some Dignity”

Ex. 2: “Once upon a time there was a little girl who observed chickens so closely that she got to know their souls and innermost yearnings”–“A Tale of So Much Love”

See Also: “She was a Sunday chicken. Still alive because it wasn’t yet nine in the morning”– “A Chicken”

And here’s a great essay by another Literati favorite, Rachel Kushner, author of The Flamethrowers, Telex from Cuba, and The Strange Case of Rachel K., on why she loves the mystical Brazilian writer.

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