New in the Shop this Weekend

This weekend, come see about us:

photo 2 (4)

New non-fiction from that puckish, brilliant novelist and critic Mario Vargas Llosa, short stories set in the state of Maine by veteran Ann Beattie, a novel by Helen Phillips that Ursula LeGuin calls “funny, sad, scary, beautiful. I love it.” And in Katrina, on the ten year anniversary of the hurricane, we have stories of New Orleans from journalist Gary Rivlin.

And here are a couple of gorgeous paperbacks, freshly cut for you:

photo (9)

Andrés Neuman was a favorite of one of our favorite writers, the Chilean superstar Roberto Bolaño. According to the New York Times, Bolaño “felt like weeping when he discovered such a young, gifted writer.” Here’s a fabulous overview of Neuman’s oeuvre.

And our very own bookseller Claire writes that Hausfrau is “ferocious…gritty with sex and heavy with longing…”

As a general rule, I do whatever Bolaño and Claire tell me to. You probably should also.

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