Meet a Bookseller: Kelsey

Meet the one and only Kelsey!
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1.) What do you do at Literati?
Aside from being a bookseller, my focus is Inventory. I spend a lot of my time checking in the many boxes of books that we receive every day, reordering books that have sold, and looking at sales. I also work on the special orders placed by customers, and am one of the people packing up your book with good vibes if you order from us through our website. I enjoy problem-solving and keeping the cogs of the store running smoothly. I also really like seeing what the Literati community is reading, both through the books that people are ordering from us and the ones that they are choosing off of the shelves. I especially love to see a book start selling more frequently because we have made it a staff pick or put it on display. I feel that this is our work—connecting people with the books that we love—and it’s really neat to see that show up in the numbers.

2.) What do you do when you’re not at the bookstore? 
I like to read books! Especially in coffee shops. I’m also a runner. My fella and I have a running streak going, so we make it out the door for at least a mile every day. We are also vegans, so if you want to hear a glowing restaurant recommendation, ask me how I feel about The Lunch Room in Kerrytown. I love animals and seek out their company as often as possible. Once upon a time, I considered going to art school. Every once in a blue moon, I still sit down to draw.
3.) Top five favorite books.
This is a dangerous question! I tend to think of my “favorite books” in relationship with certain people or moments in time. I share the Harry Potter books, Rebecca, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn with my mom, Murakami’s 1Q84with a good friend, and To Kill a Mockingbird, the Sherlock Holmes stories, and Dracula with my middle school English teacher, who made me want to really study books. I link McEwan’s Atonement and Selznick’s The Invention of Hugo Cabret with two of my favorite college professors, because these are the books and the people who helped me to dig deeper into my own reading. There are books that I’ve only read once but that are Big Books in my life, like East of Eden and A Tale of Two Cities. Favorites of the last year or so: The Goldfinch, All the Light We Cannot See, Yanagihara’s A Little Life, and Slade House, the new David Mitchell coming out in October. It’s also a well-known fact that I am a big, geeky Neil Gaiman fan.
That’s more than five, but I was an English major. Among other skills, this has given me a running excuse to not pay attention to numbers.
4.) What are you currently reading?
I just picked up Let Me Tell You, a new collection of Shirley Jackson’s works. I have an ongoing project to read more women writing in genre, and Shirley Jackson is at the top of my list. I’ve really enjoyed several of David Mitchell’s books, but I’m just now getting to Cloud Atlas. I’m also perpetually reading short stories, so I have Rebecca Makkai’s Music for Wartime and a big Ray Bradbury collection on my nightstand.

One thought on “Meet a Bookseller: Kelsey

  1. Jane Schutz

    My sister, Marian, and I would like you to know what a fantastic bookstore you have! We enjoyed stopping and shopping there on a recent visit to Ann Arbor to visit with your fabulous employee and our beautiful niece, KELSEY:). Also, I was wearing my Literati t-shirt on a recent trip to Boston and someone commented on it and said it was one of his favorite bookstores as well!!

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