Sweet Name for a Metal Band or US History Book on our shelves?


The other day a customer inquired about a history book with, context notwithstanding, a pretty metal title, and I went downstairs to nonfiction to grab it from the shelf. There, I was swept beneath a brutal wave of sweet destruction.

I stood before a mighty tower of dark tomes, and each sinister title I read thrashed my core more vigorously than the last. As if I were idly caressing malevolent runes! I intoned these black names under my breath in a death growl chant, all the while, wondering,  US HISTORY BOOK OR SWEET NAME FOR A METAL BAND? 

Permit me to shred:

1.) The Republic of Suffering, Drew Gilpin Faust

2.) Wages of Destruction, Adam Tooze

3.) Crucible of Command, William C. Davis

4.) Sea of Darkness, Brian Hicks

5.) Empire of Sin, Gary Krist

6.) The Barbarous Years, Bernam Bailyn

7.) The Wilderness of Ruin, Roseanne Monticello

8.) Fear Itself, Ira Katznelson

9.) A Terrible Glory, James Donovon

10.) Blood Will Out, Walter Kirn

*** The headbanging gentleman pictured above is family! He’s Literati co-owner Mike Gustafson’s relative, Cousin E-Type, and he resides/thrashes to undulating throngs/runs an authentic Viking restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. He’s a cool dude, and we hope he visits us soon in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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