Book-Themed Costume Contest!

photo 3

A cold, dreary, blustery Halloween couldn’t keep away our valiant Halloweeners, and our first-ever Book Themed Costume Contest was a huge success! We laughed, we cried, we were momentarily terrified… Hopefully this becomes an annual thing.

For those of you who don’t Like our Facebook page, here’s a recap of all the book-themed costumes:

photo 2
Holden Caulfield
photo 1
Harry Potter’s 7 Horcruxes
photo 5
Violin Monster Jr. (Not book themed but too awesome not to include)
photo 4
The Paper Bag Princess
photo 5
Nancy Drew
Human Scrabble Board
Human Scrabble Board
photo 4
Edgar Allan Poe
photo 3
Curious George and The Man With The Yellow Hat (& apologies because we forgot to photograph a 3rd member of this party who dressed as Guinevere)
photo 2
The Wizard of Oz
photo 1
Amelia Bedelia
Alice in Wonderland

So now the big question: Who won?

While we were blown away with all the costumes, ultimately, the decision came down to two: Curious George (because it was so incredibly endearing) and The Paper Bag Princess, because her bulldog dressed as the dragon was simply awesome. And while other costumes impressed us, like The Old Man and the Sea for their creativity and hand-made costumes (she made all the items on her dress, which were also book-themed), or the adorable Wizard of Oz costumes, these two took the cake.

So we debated. We agonized. And we decided on one winner:

The Paper Bag Princess!


She covered herself in dirt, hand-made her costume using a giant bag from Stadium Hardware, and she ventured downtown in the rain and wind specifically to enter the contest. Paper Bag Princess, you are the winner of a $100 Literati Gift Card!

Thank you to everyone who dressed up, and Hilary and I both promise to have better costumes next year. (Those who came to the store know what we mean. “Uh, what are you guys again?” (We were a very poorly executed Frog & Toad Are Friends.))

Start planning for Halloween 2014, book lovers!

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