A short update…

After Karl Pohrt, owner of Shaman Drum, passed away a short while ago, I’ve been thinking more and more about Literati’s role in the book scene in downtown Ann Arbor. (Or at least what that role will be.) We went to the memorial service, which was beautiful. And it made me realize that selling books is about so much more than, well, selling books. Karl touched people’s lives. He was a positive influence on the community. We certainly can’t ever replace or replicate that kind of person or bookstore, but we can begin to chisel what kind of a store we aim to be.

Concentrate Media asked us to be guest bloggers this week, so I spent a long time thinking about our own journey and our small store’s relation to the rich history of Ann Arbor bookstores. If you are so inclined, here is a link to that blog.

While we are, and will be, a “bookstore in progress,” I sincerely hope we stay downtown for a long, long time…

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