We are OPEN!

Hilary on opening day. Never too early for celebratory champagne!

We are open. After moving from Brooklyn back to Ann Arbor (where Hilary grew up and where I have family), we have opened Literati Bookstore. It feels great. It feels wonderful.

First, store details: We haven’t set hours yet, but we will generally be open 11am-8pm. We’ll stay open a little longer on Friday/Saturdays and close earlier on Sundays (6pm.) We may expand these hours just seeing what the foot traffic is like.

Second, we have a suggestion list in our store for customer recommendations! Please be patient with our growing inventory. If there’s not something you think we should have, say so! We are only as good of a bookstore as our ability to give our community what it wants. We left room in our inventory to grow, learn what Ann Arbor wants, what it wants to buy, and give a few suggestions of our own.

Third, events. The wonderful Keith Taylor, Ann Arbor poet, will read from his new poetry chapbook this Friday @ 8pm. If you’re in the area, please come by. It’s free. It’ll be fun. Lots of book lovers from the community will attend, and it’s our first ever in-store reading, so we’re super nervous/pumped/anxious.

We also have a kids’ STORYTIME this Saturday (and subsequent Saturdays) @ 11am. Deb will read Click, Clack, Moo as well as Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.

Finally, Kevin Smokler, a writer with Ann Arbor roots, will visit our store Wednesday April 10th @ 8pm to remind us about some classics we probably should all reread (or read for the first time.) I’m looking forward to this event because I should definitely reread many of those classics I haven’t touched since high school.

OK, now behind-the-scenes stuff:

People buying books!

We technically opened last Sunday on Easter. We wanted to quietly open our doors and attract one or two pedestrians and lure them into our store, practice our credit card machines, and get our feet wet slowly. Turns out, Easter was a beautiful sunny Sunday and people were excited to visit! We were going to wait until Tuesday to announce the opening on Facebook, but AnnArbor.com ran this great article, so we posted our “OPEN” sign on Facebook. Since then it’s been a steady stream of support, both in the store and online. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Our basement isn’t so scary after all.

Also, I sit in my office in the basement and occasionally hear some funny quotes as customers walk by my doors. Here are some of my favorites:

-A guy walked down the stairs, looked around, and said with a smile, “This is f**king AWESOME!”

-“Daddy, I’m going to go get Mommy upstairs because I found a book that she will just LOVE to see.”

-“Books! Wonderful books! Books, I tell you!”

-“This is the best day.”

Also, Crafting With Cat Hair continues to be a fan favorite.

See, Hilary and I have generally been trapped in our own little bubble. Little bubbles can be sometimes bad. We have had so many anxiety attacks and mini-heart attacks about opening, knowing when we would be ready to open, our inventory, our layout… We are thrilled that so far, so good. Our staff has been the best. Our families have patiently dealt with our insane moments. The community has kept giving us notes of positivity, both on Facebook and Twitter and in person, that we are just so happy and thrilled to be finally open.

So much more to come, but for now, it’s my sincere pleasure to finally say with a smile:

We’re open.

Mike and Hilary with Mike’s high school English teacher and family, who drove 2 hours to come to opening day.

16 thoughts on “We are OPEN!

  1. Julia Byers

    I’m so excited to come visit the first chance I get! I’m a freshman at U of M and I’ve been wishing for a bookstore like this in the area all school year. 🙂

  2. Jerry Dennis

    Congratulations, Literati! Wishing you great success from up here in pretty darned bookish Traverse City.

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  4. Sarah Gay

    I am so thrilled to see this! I posted the article on my FB page and it’s generated a long discussion between fellow Commie High (that’s Community High, for the un-indoctrinated) grads about the decline of Ann Arbor due to its hemorrhage of independent bookstores and other indie business. Congrats and Yay for townies coming home and revitalizing our beloved hometown! I love the connection with the original Borders, on whose steps I spent countless hours sitting next to passing feet, reading, as a kid. I am so looking forward to coming in next chance I get to visit home from Charlotte, NC!

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  6. Sarah Erdreich

    Chiming in super-late to add my congratulations on the store! I grew up in Ann Arbor, worked at both Shaman Drum and Borders, and am so thrilled that Literati is up and running. I live in Washington, D.C. now, where we’re fortunate to have several wonderful independent bookstores, but I’m planning my next visit home around your store — I can’t wait to bring my daughter to the Saturday story time, and buy her a whole stack of books!

  7. Ned Stuckey-French

    Just plugged you on Facebook. Thanks so much for taking this plunge and opening such a wonderful store. I live in Tallahassee, but will tell my Michigan friends and spread the word as best I can.

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