Hello! So it’s been awhile since we’ve given an update, for a number of reasons, but we’re back. Yesterday, AnnArbor.com posted an article mentioning us. We wanted to wait to make an official media announcement about our plans to open a bookstore, but the word spread and they reached out before we had a chance to sign a lease.

We’ve been in lease negotiations for a space and didn’t want to jinx it by talking about it before it was finalized. It’s definitely not a done deal, but we’re trying to make it happen as best we can. A lease is probably the most important thing in this whole process, as the terms set forth determine our longevity. So we want to get it right and not rush into it. We promise, as soon as we sign a lease downtown, we’ll let you know.

But on to other updates! We hired the wonderful Ashley Westrich to do our logo design. It is modeled after Michael’s grandfather’s 1930’s Corona typewriter, which is just absolutely beautiful. It exemplifies our belief in a thoughtful and deliberate life.


In a world where anyone and everyone can write and publish a book, where blogs update twenty times before noon, where you fire off hundreds of emails by the end of the day, we think high value should be placed on thoughtful, carefully crafted writing.  The typewriter symbolizes a more conscious use of your words – to type deliberately and with thought. And this is where the typewriter exemplifies the kind of writing we wish to support. This doesn’t mean only award winning literary fiction (although that we do admire) it also means the carefully executed young adult title, the intricately plotted sci-fi novel, meticulously researched histories, lively narrative non-fiction, and the artfully crafted children’s picture book.

We’re still believers in the physical book browsing experience. A place where people can find interesting titles, talk about books, connect around ideas, and have a concrete sense of community. Maybe some people call that old-fashioned in this digital age, just like a typewriter. But we think bookstores these days are reinventing themselves in ways that are new and exciting, while still supporting an age old tradition. We hope to join them.

We’re grateful for all the great responses we’ve received already – thank you to those of you who offered kind words of support and enthusiasm. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, feel free to reach out or head over to our facebook page and send us a hello.

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